About us

About us


Akulis the antique Armenian city in the Area of Syunik of Great Armenia.
The city was located in surrounded from the East and the West with the Rocky Mountains, stretched from the North to the south in the valley of the river Aguli.
According to the legend giving in the city one night was spent by the apostle Judas Thaddaeus who woke up with the words "Akn and 


Luys" (here and dawn, literally “light to an eye”), the late village began to call Akulis.
In the Middle Ages Akulis was the centre of writing, fashion and culture, and the shopping centre of Transcaucasia which had large communications with the Russian and Western European merchants. Akulis named little Paris in those days.
My ancestors contained shop a workshop of clothes and jewellery, and probably draft to fine at me from them.
My grandmother acquainted me with the world of fashion and jewellery and cultivated in me traditions of our ancestors. Ι have been into fashion and jewellery since my childhood, and always trying to make my own.
I was born and raised in Yerevan.
Since 1999 I am living and working in Hamburg.
ChristopherChurch16711675The need for creation and material searching have always been the main priority in my designer career.
Colour is always a challenge and nature in its simple form, is inspiration.
The materials I use vary, from silver, brass and silk to velvet, fibers and old embroidered pieces. Metal, fabric, stones and glasses ​complement each other.

Jewellery designs aim at gently embracing the human body while at the same time being eye-catching and unique. Strong feelings and movement, in an abstract, notional way, are my cardinal sources of inspiration insofar as they can be reflected in jewellery designs.
IMG_0028My work is also deeply influenced by Armenian heritage and roots; indeed, one may frequently find the lines of ornaments and colors, often in a manner reminiscent of classical antiquity norms, into jewellery.
My aim is to create jewellery that is unique, can make a statement, stand independently, functioning as an element that can “lift” an outfit.